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You've created a lot of spikes. Now back them up!

Geospike Sync

By far the best way to backup all your GPS Log data is right in GPS Log itself! Simply use the Sync Feature to keep everything backed up in the cloud.

Local Backups

You can also create local backups of your data. Here's how:

iTunes Backups

iTunes does not do a very good job at backing by itself. iTunes does keep a backup of all data on your iPhone, including all your GPS Log data. It makes this backup when you sync (but not every time). However, it only stores the most recent copy. This means that if something bad happens, and and you sync, all your backup data is overwritten.

The fact that only one backup – the latest – is stored on your HDD, means that if you need to restore the backup and you accidently overwrite it, it is no longer useful. Hence, I recommend the following:

  1. Backup the iTunes backup directory with an automated backup solution. If you have a Mac, then I highly recommend Time Machine. You can use any normal external harddrive to create a cheap, simple, and very effective backup solution (in one click). On Windows, try "Shadow Volume Copies", or another backup solution. If you are not using an automated solution, manually backup the iTunes backup directory frequently.
  2. If you experience an issue with your iPhone and need to restore the data then DO NOT SYNC OR BACK IT UP until the issue is resolved.

The No.1 rule when dealing with a Data Recovery issue on the iPhone is SECURE YOUR BACKUPS (by copying the iTunes backup directory) before trying ANYTHING and DO NOT SYNC until you do!

Manual backup from your Mac or PC

You can use FTP Software on your Mac or PC to download all GPS Log data using GPS Log's FTP Feature.

Emailing a GPS Log Backup

Use GPS Log's Backup Share Service to email yourself a copy of the GPS Log database (and optionally with all images, though the size of this may be prohibitive). Great for backing up on the road.

To add this share option, simply tap "Add Service" from the Share menu (or Share Settings) and select the Backup service (read detailed instructions for backing up on the go here).

About the GPS Log Data Files

GPS Log uses several types of files.

  1. The most important is gpslog2_2.sqlite (where 2_2 is the DB version number). This file contains all the log entry data.
  2. The *.jpg files are all the images referenced by GPS Log.
  3. *.param files are the GPS Log settings and history. These will be recreated if deleted, the only consequence is that you will have to set any settings again.