Geospike Hotlinking Guidelines

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Under certain conditions, images hosted on may be embedded on external web sites (a.k.a hotlinking). Some services provided by geospike do this automatically, for example the KML exports.


Image bandwidth is not free, thus if you embed images from geospike on your site, the following guidelines must be followed (you are of course free to download your own images and host them wherever you like, should you not agree with these guidelines).

  1. You may only hotlink images that belong to bonafide spikes (so don't use Geospike to host your website's logo!)
  2. The page must contain a link to the spike to which the image belongs
    • In this case this is not possible, or desirable, then the page in general must have a link to the owners public geospike feed.
    • In this case that is not possible, or desirable, then the page in general must have a link to stating "Images powered by" (or words to that effect, in the language of the linking website)
  3. The link must be no less prominent than the other elements on the page. I.e. the font size should be that of the main text body.
  4. Image links must start with Don't link to any other images, as their URLs can (and will!) change.


  1. Users found to be violating this policy are subject to having their accounts suspended, or hot-linking privileges removed.
  2. We will endavour to contact such individuals to warm them of this action before it happens, however reserve the right to act unilaterally when needed.
  3. We reserve the right to serve an image placeholder in place of the real image explaining the situation.


  1. Image content may not be illegal.
  2. Geospike will comply with any legal takedown request from authorised government bodies.
  3. Geospke provides not SLA guarantees to this service. It can be taken down or modified at any time without notice.