Not Receiving Emails

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Having trouble receiving emails from the GPS Log server? Try these tips.

Check your SPAM Folder

Check your SPAM folder. Then check it again. 95% of issues receiving email from the GPS Log server is due to it falling in the SPAM folder. Make sure you flag the message as "not spam", and hopefully your email client will learn not to flag it as such.

Try a different email account

Having issues receiving emails for a particular account? Try sending them to another and see if it works. If it does, then the chances are it is something wrong with the account in question. GMail accounts tend to work well (though the exports are frequently marked as SPAM).

How big is the email?

The email system has its limits. If you are sending multiple log entries with photos (e.g. in a KML file) you may run into these limits. Try the export again without including photos. If that works, try the export but set the image size to something smaller.

If you need to export a large KMZ file, the good news is you can! In GPS Log, on the Share screen, select "Add Service". Then choose "Big KML Export". This option stores the file on the GPS Log servers for a limited period of time allowing you to download it.

Using the "From Email" Setting

GPS Log allows you to specify the "From Email" address of exports (GPS Log -> Settings, under 'Email Options'). However, this can sometimes cause the mail to be rejected, e.g. when you send an export to yourself. Try clearing this setting.

You may need to add an A record for to your SPF settings, if you use SPF.