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Minimal Data Usage

Minimises the data used by GPS Log including:
  1. Turns off map viewing within an entry
  2. Doesn't get a GPS fix unless an entry is created (i.e. does not get a fix on startup)

It should be noted that this only minimizes your data usage, GPS Log will still use the data connection (when available) to assist in getting the GPS fix, and this is not possible to change (though the amount of data used to get a location fix is substantially less than downloading the map). It is also still possible to open the map by tapping the Maps toolbar item which will download significant data. Exporting remains enabled, and that too will use data (if you do an export). Basically, this mode reduces but not eliminates the data GPS Log downloads automatically, and it doesn't stop you from explicit actions that will use data (like exporting, or viewing the map). Please consider if you should be using GPS Log on your particular phone account.

GPS Log can be used with no data connection at all. If your data rates are high, it is recommended to disable data usage via your iPhone when using GPS Log. GPS Log cannot however be get a location fix if Flight Mode is enabled (as the GPS antenna is disabled in this instance).

DISCLAIMER: GPS Log will use your data connection (if available), even with this mode turned ON. Please consider the costs associated with using data, and decide if it is right for you to use GPS Log with your particular phone account. The creators of GPS Log are NOT liable for your data usage charges under any circumstances, and make NO guarantees WHATSOEVER as to the amount of data consumed by using GPS Log.

Sharing Settings

Add/Remove Share options (including custom ones that you can make). Configure authentication options for settings.


Version options to customise your GPS Log look & feel, and layout. For more information, visit Customization Settings

Default Tags

Tags specified here are added to all new entries. Additionally, you are prompted to update the location tags when GPS Log detects that it has moved a significant distance (but only when the default location tags are set).


This option only appears on iPhone not set to English

The Force use of English option allows people using GPS Log with in a non-English Locale to force GPS Log to use English, ignoring the translation.

If you wish to add a new translation, or modify an existing one, you can! Please view this forum thread for more info

Email Options

From Email – The email address here is used as the From: addresses on all export emails Always BCC Myself – If TRUE, then all emails are BCC'd to the From Address

Links & Contact

Way you can get in touch and keep in touch with GPS Log

Advanced Settings

Some more detailed options, info in Advanced Settings


Some of the great people who have contributed their translations, ideas and tools to GPS Log are listed in the Tap the extra Credits and Special Thanks option.

The version number and build displayed here are very useful for debugging. Build time is in UTC.