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In addition to photos, videos can be attached to spikes. Geospike supports YouTube, VINE and Vimeo as primary providers. When video is attached to spikes, it will be displayed when the spike is viewed in Geospike for iOS, and

Note: GPS Log is needed to Add Videos

Currently, videos are a very new feature to the Geospike family, and while they can be displayed in Geospike for iOS and, you can only add them in GPS Log. GPS Log is a paid app, however you can edit the last 5 spikes on the free version. Simply download GPS Log LITE, and link it to your Geospike account. Tap the sync button to download all your spikes. From there can follow the steps below to edit and add videos to your spikes!

Adding Vine Videos

Vine is a fun app from Twitter that allows you record & share 6-second looping videos on your iPhone. Download here. A key benefit is that once you finish shooting the video, you don't have to go and edit it on your Mac or PC, and it's great for capturing things that naturally loop (e.g. a waterfall).

Adding a Vine to a Spike

Adding Vines is really easy, since you can do everything in seconds right on your iPhone. Once you've created & uploaded your Vine, view it and tap the '...' icon on your vine, and select "Share this Post", then "Copy link". This copies a link to the Vine to your iPhone's clipboard.

Then, find the spike in GPS Log for iOS, edit it, tap "add field", select "Video URL" field, and paste the URL (tap twice, slowly on the field to bring up the iOS text control, and select "paste").

Save & sync the spike, and you should be able to view it on the web, just like this example.

Geospike + Vine is a great combination

We think Geospike plus Vine is a great combination. Why? Because it allows you to bring a location to life, without generating homework like video editing and uploading. It's fantastic for shooting ambient things like waterfalls that can loop forever, as well as general life. By using Geospike and not just Vine, you get the usual precise location which is not based off a business-directory (so that Vine of a big rock in the middle of nowhere, now has a proper location).

It's super easy to copy the Vine URL and paste it into Geospike. The whole process can be completed in a few seconds making it probably the most convenient way to add video to your spikes, thus it's in-line with the objective of Geospike to allow you to capture your travels in the moment (or later that day while you're waiting for something).

Adding YouTube and Vimeo Videos

To add full length videos to spikes, first upload them to either YouTube or Vimeo.

Then, find the spike in GPS Log for iOS, edit it, tap "add field", select "Video URL" field, and type the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video. The short links are supported, and are more convenient to type!

Now save & sync the spike, and if you view it in Geospike for iOS or Geospike Online you should see your video, just like this example.