Differences Between Free and Paid Versions

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GPS Log has a free version so you can try before you buy.

The free version is designed mostly as a trial of the full version, though it is useful in its own right. You can also upgrade it to the full version.

Differences from Paid Version

  • You can only view the last 5 entries (all others are still on the iPhone)
  • You cannot select any entries via the search (but you can still try it out!)

Differences from Paid Version after Upgrade

If you purchase the In-App upgrade, you get the benefit that all your data created prior to upgrading is instantly available (if you don't upgrade, you can still transfer your data using the FTP Utility).

The software is functionally identical.

The only differences is:

  • Different icon and name in iTunes (on the iPhone/iPad they are the same)

What if I get a new iPhone?

Don't worry! You don't have to pay for the upgrade. You can simply "restore" the purchase of the upgrade on the iPhone. Go to GPS Log -> Settings, and select the "Restore Past Purchases" option. Make sure you use the same iTunes account as the one you originally purchased the upgrade from.

Or you can "buy" it again (for free). On the App store, you will never pay for the same product twice with the same account. So you can "buy" GPS Log again for free if you have bought it already. Same goes for the in-App purchase (note that the in-app purchase and the full product are two different products, so make sure you "re-buy" the same one!).

If for whatever reason you are charged twice for the same product, please contact iTunes Support. If they do not help you, then contact us.