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FTP Option in Settings

GPS Log includes a small FTP server allowing you to use FTP Client software on your Mac or PC to backup and restore data in GPS Log.

WARNING: This is an advanced feature. Please do NOT modify any data unless you know what you are doing. Copying data from the iPhone is always safe.

How to Enable

Go to GPS Log -> Settings -> Advanced Settings, and select "FTP Data Transfer" (near the bottom, under "Data Management").

When you're finished, you must exit GPS Log by pressing the Home button on your iPhone.

You may also activate the FTP Mode via GPS Log's Recovery Mode (only do this if you cannot start GPS Log).

How to Access

FTP server running in GPS Log

On your Mac or PC, use an FTP program to connect to the iPhone. GPS Log will tell you the IP address and Port, use any username and password. NOTE: gps-log uses a non-standard port, so make sure you specify it in your client program!

NB. Both your Mac/PC and iPhone must be on the same network! This will NOT work with your iPhone using cellular data.

VERY IMPORTANT: You should set your FTP Client to upload only 1 file at a time. Attempting to upload multiple files simultaneously may result in issues such as crashes (you may need to use the Recovery Mode to restore if the database transfer was interrupted in such a way).

Recommended Usage


We recommend you use this feature primarily to download (i.e. Backup) data.

You can also restore a complete backup.

It is not recommended to download and modify the files and re-upload. It is likely GPS Log would crash if you modify the data. Make a backup before you overwrite any files!

NB. It is NOT recommended to copy settings between different versions of GPS Log.

Downloading the 'Camera Roll' Images

GPS Log allows you to store the full-sized photo in the App directory (if you enable Also save a full-sized copy to the App directory in Advanced Settings -> Photos). This has the advantage of adding the geo coordinates to the image.

All such photos are stored in the CameraRoll/ subdirectory. You can safely delete photos from this directory (only this directory), after you download them without affecting GPS Log (GPS Log stores a small version in the main directory for use throughout the program).

GPS Log will use the large version from the CameraRoll (if it exists) for things such as emailing, or uploading to Flickr. So the best thing to do is copy the big images off and then delete them once you're done sharing via GPS Log.

About the Different Files

Read information about the various files that GPS Log uses and their function.