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GPS Log is the best way for people of all walks of life to log their adventures great and small. Whether you're backpacking through Europe, or exploring your local neighborhood, GPS Log gives you everything you need to capture your travels, share your favorite places with your friends, and find your way back again!

If you don't already own GPS Log, then visit the GPS Log web site for more information.

You may be interested in reading what the various Settings do.

Or perhaps how to Backup and Restore your data, how to operate GPS Log with No Data connection, upgrading/changing your iPhone. Or you can view all docs in the wiki.

Visit the Forum for the GPS Log discussion (the place to go if you want to report a bug or request a feature). Also, follow @GPSLog on Twitter, and on Facebook.

If you want to contribute to this wiki, you can log in with your Geospike account.