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Key concepts in the GPS Log Sync:


It is very important to set a username in the current version of GeoSpike, for two reasons:

The username is used in the spike link. If the username change, those links (currently) break. NB. if you exclusively share "" links, then they are updated automatically, so it is recommended only to share such links.

The second reason is that setting a username and password is the only way to recovery your account, and sync it on another device. Especially important if you are running beta builds, which will cease working after a few months.

To do this, go to: GPS Log -> Sync -> Settings -> Set Username

Old Version Retention

When you make an update to an entry (or in the case of a merge conflict), the old record is saved in the history of the spike. In the future, the web site will allow the capability to roll back to one of these revisions.


  • We may prune very old revisions, or allow users to configure this option themselves (e.g. you may only want to save the last 3 days of revisions for privacy reasons).
  • The real benefit of this is if the automatic merging does something you don't like, you can revert it.


GPS Log will upload the maximum available quality image. If you use the 'Save Full Image to App Directory' feature, this means the entire original sized image is uploaded.

When you share an entry (rather than through Sync), a smaller version is uploaded (to save bandwidth and time). The large version is then uploaded later as part of the Sync process.

If the Sync process downloads the image to another device, it is not downloaded at full size.


  • Users will be able to decide the maximum size of images sync'd UP and DOWN (two separate values) to GeoSpike
  • If users wish to store the full size photos on the GeoSpike server, a reasonably priced annual subscription may be required (due to the massive storage requirements).

Merging Conflicts

If you edit the same entry on two separate places (e.g. online or on two devices), GeoSpike attempts to merge the record in a sensible way.

The spike is split into it's fields (e.g. Title, Subtitle, Tags, Note, etc). All changes are applied, unless the *same* field was changed. In that case, the newer version (i.e. one that was sync'd first) wins.

A copy of the pre-merged record is saved with Old Version Retention in case data recovery is needed.